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Hello! I'm Aura


I am an entrepreneur who is obsessed with digital marketing. I have worked across the marketing domain in two of my own businesses and at AgriWebb, the 2016 Australian Startup of the Year and recently at Go Vita Australia, the largest health food retailer in Australia. I am process and data-oriented, but I believe the best results come when we understand our customers and connect with them as people.

I have experience defining, executing, managing and analysing campaigns across multiple channels to help increase company brand awareness and lead generation.

The Wall of Ideas

Let's create a marketing strategy that converts.

Convert traffic into customers by defining your target audience while aligning your digital assets with your company goals.

Stock Trade


Search engine optimisation will help your organic traffic to convert through targeted keywords while positioning your brand on the top of the search results list.

Digital Work Life

Digital Marketing

Businesses experience different challenges at different stages. What might have worked for company “A” might not work for company “B”. Focus your time and budget on producing campaigns that will have measurable results.


Social Media

Social media is a highly valuable tool that is often overlooked. From building a community to driving traffic onto your website social media can help you gain brand authority, trust and credibility.

Financial Chart

Paid Media

Ideally, customers will come to you but the reality is that the numbers of customers that organically come to you are very low unless you are focusing on your search engine optimisation strategy or you work for a giant multinational such as Coca-Cola. Paid media is a cost-effective and targeted way to reach potential customers who are interested in your product or services.


Email Marketing

Creating segmented email-marketing campaigns will help your company increase your customer’s retention and nurture prospects into the ecosystem. Through your email marketing campaigns you should be aiming to create valued relationships with your audience. Not every single conversation should be automated and when automated ensure your campaigns are review regularly as well as your customers email preferences to avoid unsubscribers.

Image by NeONBRAND

Content Marketing

Content is everything these days. Whether you are creating a new blog article, a video, a tile for social media, a landing page it should always aligned to your customer’s journey. Who are you writing for? What are you trying to solve? What are you expecting from the reader? Is that the right article for a reader that just visited your website? Have clear goal on each piece and monitor the results so you and your team can optimise.

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